Igor Radojevic

Igor Radojevic is not only a renown jazz musician and sound engineer, but most notably the ingenious inventor behind the BNW-backed, award winning Hidden sound system, as well as its its charismatic business driver. Together - this time next year - we plan to be millionaires, thanks to our world wide promotion of the best sounding speakers system you ever laid you hands (and ears) on!

HIDDEN is one of the most recognized and highly awarded manufacturers in the architectural speaker category in Serbia.

HIDDEN began in 2010 when Igor Radojevic, an accomplished jazz musician and sound system integrator from Belgrade turned passionate audio researcher, recognized the need for speakers that could deliver unsurpassed performance combined with minimal visual intrusion, based on innovative, scientifically proven DML technology.

It was this revelation that led him to create a comprehensive sound system solutions service first, and then develop and build his own speakers.

Since foundation in 2010, Radojevic successfully installed his holistic audio systems in over 100 commercial spaces in Serbia and Montenegro, offering them a revolutionary proposition on the market: a life long guarantee added to the amazing sound quality, made possible by his ingenious engineering innovations.

In 2019 Brand New World from Zürich became a partner in the business, pushing for an evolved approach to products, design and communication.

This resulted in a new proposition for HIDDEN, freeing Radojevic up to concentrate on new R&D goals which unequivocally bring the brand to a digital future.

This new strategy opens the brand to new markets and new audiences, without compromising the founder’s original mission to bring unprecedented sound quality and intelligibility to the masses, by means of revolutionary design, technology, communication and affordability.

HIDDEN is headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland, for business purposes, with main research and production facilities in Belgrade, Serbia.