100% Future Serbia 2011

The project “100% Future Serbia powered by Gorenje" presenting fresh talents of Serbia, organized in such an original way for the first time, created a storm of interest by the media, especially by foreign correspondents who visited BDW for the first time, eager to find out more about the domestic creative scene. Hundred and fifty nine Serbian designers have been presented with the opportunity to show their best work in hundred and fifteen centrally located shop windows, kindly donated by the owners, for the first time ever in Belgrade.

The project was opened at the “Gorenje Studio New Belgrade“ on May 25th, with a huge party for all participants sponsored by the host. For a moment, the event's focus was taken from the young designers on to the Gorenje's inventive design philosophy, where they presented a new oven with a control module called iChef, which was appropriately awarded with the Red Dot Award in 2011.

Four representatives of the Gorenje Design Studio attended the event, among them also the authors of the awarded product, Mr. Matevz Popic and Mrs. Lidija Pritrznik.

In front of more than 500 guests our own Jovan Jelovac and Alenka Mrzel, Director of the Corporate Development Department of Gorenje in Serbia, presented exclusively tickets for the Matthew Dear concert later that night to all exhibitors of 100% Future Serbia Project.