BDW's Dance n.3 - by Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola won BDW's coveted Design Grand Prix for the 2007 Edition. She left a deep impression with her inimitable energy and charm at our conference, and was at this occasion especially featured with her solo exhibition in Belgrade's SuperSpace Gallery (11 May - 10 June 07). She danced elegantly into Belgrade Design Week 2007 with her Dance n.3, her third solo exhibition following Cologne in 2005 and Verona in 2006. And we danced with her, falling forever in love with the Princess of Design.

With red and white pieces stacked at the top of each other as when moving house, and huge mobiles made out of humble transparent plastic straws reminiscent of himli, Parizia Urquiola brought the magic of her playful mind and delighted the visitors in Belgrade.

Patricia Urquiola has acquired the status of the leading female star in the world of industrial design, traditionally dominated by men. 
Her creations are, at the same time, both stylish and functional, and her design reflects paradoxical combinations of strictness and anarchy, conformity and individualism.

After having finished her studies of architecture at Faculdad de Arquitectura de Madrid, she graduated from the Milan Polytechnic, in 1998, 
with Achille Castiglioni being her mentor. Since 2001, Patricia Urquiola has run her own acclaimed studio in Milan and worked with elite brands, including Driade, B&B Italia, MDF, Moroso, Kartell, Knoll and many others.