Controlled Less - by Oskar Zieta

A Swiss - Polish innovator in the field of material manufacture, Oskar Zieta, brought to his FiDA steel-pumping technology, which he uses to produce chairs, bridges and even wind rotors to Belgrade Design Week.

Oskar Zieta has lead companies in Poland and Switzerland into a veritable industrial revolution in the usage of metal. He employs cutting edge interdisciplinary teams of experts who together with him developed the brand new FiDU technology - deforming steel sheets using internal pressure and turning it to ultra-light construction. These special constructions are remodeled and re-shaped into bridges, furniture, architecture... 

BDW DizajnPark, the Belgrade Design Week exclusive exhibitions, was opened at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Usce) with Dragana Ognjenovic fashion show on June 4th 2013. Presenting a dozen exhibitions from Germany, Greece, USA, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland and Serbian designers, the visitors had a rare opportunity to see a nearly forgotten space of an important Belgrade cultural institution of national importance, which had been closed down for reconstruction for the past six years. It temporarily opened its doors only for the five days of the DesignPark event.