Human Cities/ Sharing Cloud Conference 2017

BDW produced an unique international creative event during the opening of the new creative playground in February 2017 in Kragujevac, named “HUMAN CITIES/ SHARING CLOUD Kragujevac 2017”, inviting the broadest public, citizen and citizen's initiatives from Serbia and the entire region, presenting our project partners from eleven European cities.


After Sent Etienne, London and Milan, the international creative urban-architectural conference "HUMAN CITIES/ SHARING CLOUD” gathered partners from eleven European cities in the First Gymnasium of Kragujevac. Sent Etienne, London, Milan, Ljubljana, Graz, Cieszyn, Helsinki, Bilbao, Tallinn, Brussels and Kragujevac presented their own case studies and results of exploring the way in which their citizen reclaim their constantly evolving cities and ways of (re)inventing city life, as sources of wellbeing and quality of life.

The conference began with an exciting presentation of Kragujevac. Jelena Davidovic, curator of the Museum 21. October, talking about the history of the Memorial Park Sumarice, which was in moments very reprimanding, teaching us important lessons from the past. The Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments presented the history and
 development of the complex of the Military-Technical Institute in Kragujevac, the so-called Forbidden City, with an analysis of the current situation and inspiring proposals for the future of this area in the heart of the city.

Professor Aleksandar Vuja from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, analized togetehr with 
Jovan Jelovac, as host of the conference, BDW’s work for the revitalization of the Grand Park of Kragujevac, and proposed next steps of the development of the project by new models of private / public partnerships, according to the wishes and needs of citizens expressed in BDW's "participative-urbanism” method.

The conference continued with the inspirational Human Cities/ case study lectures from Brussels, London, Graz, Helsinki, Ljubljana and Sent Etienne, with over 200 eagerly urban planning and creative professionals hungry for knowledge. As grande finale, the world famous scholar Natasa Cica from Hobart, Australia, presented her original concept of the “THINKtent”, a concept at crossroads of art and consulting, which opens a new page of inspiring participants of a discussion to share their most intense emotions, opinions and ideas.
 The “THINKtent” session,moderated by Natasa Cica, named "Q for K" (Questions for Kragujevac) was a fitting and emotional end of all HUMAN CITIES/ 
lectures of the day.

The conference day ended with the opening of the exhibition of works of participants of the Human Cities/ project in the public square in front of the First Gymnasium of Kragujevac. Hundreds of curious Gymnasium students and citizens of Kragujevac showed up the exhibition's opening, whihc stayed open for another month to inspire and share the insight gathered in this amazing, unique HUMAN CITIES/ cloud.
BDW's First Creative Park in Kalemegdan, Belgrade

100 Creative Playgrounds for Children of Serbia BDW's First Creative Park in Kalemegdan, Belgrade

BDW's Second Creative Park in Kalemegdan, Belgrade

100 Creative Playgrounds for Children of Serbia BDW's Second Creative Park in Kalemegdan, Belgrade

BDW's Grand Creative Park in Kragujevac

100 Creative Playgrounds for the Children in Serbia BDW's Grand Creative Park in Kragujevac