When we talk about creativity - art, architecture, urbanism, branding, design and advertising - what we are doing is not a continuation of the free and fantastic stories which humans have told nights around campfires for hundreds of thousands of years.

Our storytelling tool is “Branding” and our knowledge system is “Design Thinking”. Welcome to our Brand New World of selected works, creative minds, insights and news!

Desanka Belancic Desanka Belancic

BDW's Team: Digital Content Lead Desanka Belancic

Studio Appétit

Exhibitions Studio Appétit


Exhibitions Buro BELÉN

Tom Strala

Insight Design Tom Strala

Studio Drift Studio Drift

Exhibitions Studio Drift

Christian Kerez

Insight Architecture Christian Kerez

Miodrag Ilic

BDW's Team: Senior Graphic Designer and Video Lead Miodrag Ilic