Creative Minds

Belgrade Design Week has a most simple criteria for being invited to – belonging to “The Greatest Creative Minds of the 21st Century”.

The most outstanding global thinkers are our plants collected from his travels all over the world, and our collaborations and festivals are BNW’s botanical garden, where the experiences, stories and the friendship shared with the creative minds stay forever treasured. The impressive participants list of our projects constantly grows, and each year involves more and more global leaders of the creative industries, working on our promotion of Design Thinking.

The mission of BDW is to create a meeting point and a framework for international creative minds and leaders of creative industries to meet, exchange knowledge, ideas and experience by providing a dynamic conference, educational programs and entertainment for both guest and participants to enjoy, get inspired and achieve professional connections by promoting the most innovative ideas and creative solutions of any kind.

BDW exists to be the bridge between the creative industries and the business world, the global design scene and the local and regional impetus, private economy and governments, and last but not least, the connection between the famously passionate audience at our events and our creative minds.

We call them “The Greatest Creative Minds of the 21st Century”.

Magdalena Klasnja Magdalena Klasnja

Costume and Fashion Designer Magdalena Klasnja

Igor Pantic

Architect Igor Pantic

Dva Studio

Architecture Dva Studio

Milos Dimcic

Programming Architecture Milos Dimcic

Dragan Zlatkovic

Architecture and Building Engineering Dragan Zlatkovic

Jeremy Ettinghausen

Communication / BBH (UK) Jeremy Ettinghausen

Zivorad Vasic Zivorad Vasic

Delta Real Estate Zivorad Vasic

Christos Passas

Architecture / Zaha Hadid Architects Christos Passas

Zisimos Danilatos

Real Estate / Lamda development Zisimos Danilatos


Creative Industries Okolo