Vito Orazem

Red Dot Award is one of the world's most recognized design prizes, awarded by the Design Centre in Essen (Germany), and Red Dot acts as a promoter and supporter of the design industry.

The Red Dot award for product design was established back in 1954 while the award for communication design was introduced in 1993, and the youngest but equally attractive award is the one for concept design, established in 2005. Essen Design Zentrum's executive chairman, Vito Orazem, was one of our much anticipated lecturers 2011. Vito  Orazem studied media science, art theory, literature and is highly experienced in design promotion. Prior to his coming to Belgrade, he presented the ADMIRE project (Award for Design Management Innovating and Reinforcing Enterprises) at the Slovenian 23rd Biennale of Industrial Design. Vito  Orazem came to Belgrade to present the history and the concept of Red Dot to a curious BDW audience.

Vito Orazem / Red Dot Award (DE) @BDW 2011 from Brand New World on Vimeo.

Magdalena Klasnja

Costume and Fashion Designer Magdalena Klasnja

Ugljesa Vrcelj

Design and Marketing Ugljesa Vrcelj

Irena Kilibarda

Architecture and Design / Dsignedby Irena Kilibarda