Gavrilo Bozovic

T-shaped guy designing products and the teams behind them. Passionate about interdisciplinarity, early stage product development, and creating conditions where innovation happens.


Gavrilo Bozovic is an engineer who, after starting his career as a consultant in biotech, started moving towards design by assuming the technical leadership of the EPFL+ECAL Lab, a transdisciplinary institute in-between an art school, the ECAL, and a technical university, the EPFL.

In this position, he worked as technical lead on numerous interaction design and innovation projects. Seeing many opportunities for interactive applications in the field of communication, he opened in 2013 restons sérieux, an interactive communication agency, in partnership with Nicolas Paupe, a Swiss communication designer.

Together, they were working on the development of novel applications of graphic design, relying on new technologies of interaction and data visualisation. Half of the work done by restons sérieux is commercial jobs, for corporate identities and interactive installations mostly, while the other half is dedicated to research projects, many of which are done in collaboration with technical and design schools in Switzerland.

Bozovic opened in 2015, a platform for interactive on-line video and the first Swiss startup accelerated by 500 Startups. They raised $1m, worked for prestigious customers such as the IOC, Chevy, Miele, and he got named among the 100 Digital Shapers of Switzerland by digitalswitzerland.

Gavrilo Bozovic provides tactical innovation consulting. He helps large and small companies to establish the right conditions for innovation to happen: high-performing teams with a lean mindset and just the right amount of management and oversight.

Gavrilo Bozovic /Restons serieux (CH) @BDW 2014 from Brand New World on Vimeo.

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