Partnership Models

BDW goes beyond the usual sponsorship packages (silver, gold or platinum statuses and other distant relationships) and creates genuine partnership collaborations. Dizajn Park Magazine, our “Post Report-Partners Exposure”, offers a detailed overview of the festival program precisely related to the exposure of the year’ partners.

This serves two purposes: Primarily, to laser sharp showcase our partners’ exposure at BDW, and secondly, to show our potential partners an overview of all benefits and privileges that result from a meaningful partnership with BDW. We list here the basic partnership models realized during BDW. Each of our offers contains a common red thread: A unique and true partnership relationship, a real COLLABORATION with a lot of involvement in the festival program, that cannot be easily copied by any next sponsorship or event in town.

This unique approach also ensures that our partner’s affiliation with BDW values is, beyond the logo, intensively linked to impressions like design, progress, innovation, Belgrade, world-class, superstars, culture, experience, education, creativity, networking, professionalism, passion, energy, modern, change, speed, smart, collaboration, European, information, socially-responsible, legacy, popular, Serbia, South East Europe, gripping, exiting, international, sustainable, ecological, future, freedom.


Having said that, we are aware that we can perform much better, and that we shall try even harder to improve the partner’s return on investment at BDW in every single aspect. We sincerely hope that we will have the opportunity to prove that.


· Principal Partners

· Institutional Patronages

1. ProgramPartners

· Idea Partners

· Partner of 100% Future Serbia

· Partner of a Conference Day

· Partner of a certain service or goods Category

· Partner of DizajnPark

· Partner of a DizajnLabs Project

· Partner of DizajnPremieres

· Partner of DizajNights

· Patron of the Design Grand Prix Award

· Special Events Partner

· BDW TV Chronicles Partner

· Lecturers’ Patronage

· Exhibitions Patronage

· Interview Chair Partner

· BDW Publishing Partners (Web, Book, Film, Report)

2. LogisticalPartners

· Carrier Partner

· Video Partner

· Web Partner

· Printing Partners

· Transportation Partner

· Accommodation Partner

· VIP Dinner Partner

· Location Partner

· Catering Partner

· Design Lounge Partner

· Technical Equipment Partner

· Opening Ceremony Partner

· PR partner

 3. CSR Partners

· Future Students Partner

· 100 BDW Creative Playgrounds for Serbia Partner

· Design Library Partner

4. Media Partners

· Key Media Partners

· International and Local Media Partners


1. Media

2. Logistical Partners

3. Exposure Partners - Business and Institutions

4. Business Grants Partners

5. Foreign and Domestic Cultural and Government Institutions 

6. Institutional Grants Partners