Brand New World to exhibit work by design entrepreneurs in Milan by Dezeen

By Maudie Manton, 23.03.2015.

Dezeen promotion: the Brand New World exhibition will showcase new pieces by international design studios at the Dusan showroom in Milan from 14 to 19 April.

Luscious Food Cravings by Studio Appétit and Studio Lenneke Wispelwey, photograph by Masha Bakker. Main image: Eclepens by Adrien Rovero

Taking place during the city's annual design week, Brand New World Milan will bring together eight studios that each combine design, making and entrepreneurship in their businesses.

Hurricane Table by Reinier Bosch

Located in the centre of Milan, between the Brera and San Gregorio districts, the show will be housed in a historic building designed by architect Giò Ponti.

 Come As You Are by Christophe de la Fontaine at Dante

The Brand New World programme, which debuted at Belgrade Design Week in 2005, showcases a hand-picked selection of the most innovative and creative designers in locations around the globe. The aim is to bring together "key international studios who epitomise the new concept of designers, makers, and entrepreneurs," said co-founder and curator Jovan Jelovac.

Flylight by Studio Drift

Brands and exhibitors include Studio Drift, Tom Strala, Studio Appetit, Adrien Rovero, Buro Belen, Reinier Bosche, Carolina Wilcke and Ilan Garibi.

Kalahario chair by Tom Strala

Dezeen is media partner with Brand New World, which will take place at the Milan showroom of fashion brand Dušan, Via Antonio Zarotto 1.

Here are some further details from the organisers:

Milan 2015

Dante – Goods and Bads, Studio Drift, Tom Strala, Studio Appetit, Adrien Rovero, Buro Belen, Reinier Bosch and Carolina Wilcke, and Ilan Geribi for Gal Gaon Collection will be presented as part of the Brand New World Milan 2015 at Dušan, curated and produced by Vesna and Jovan Jelovac.

The exhibition will be part of the Milan 2015 Fuori Saloni program, from 14 to 19 April, staged in arguably one of the most elegant design showrooms in the city – Dušan, Via Antonio Zarotto 1.

Aylin Langreteur and Christophe de la Fontaine

Brand New World shows pure design 2.0 thinking, powered by Laufen, bringing together eight key international studios who epitomise the new concept of Designers – Makers – Entrepreneurs, rethinking the entire business and creative model, unthinkable of only a few years ago. Each studio is showing work premiering in Milan 2015, defining a truly Brand New World of design. An opening vernissage will feature a musical score by the new German DJ Wunderkinds – Kill The Tills – powered by Architonic. 

Tom Strala

The topic of the exhibition is laying on the hand: the world has changed, and as we speak the most exciting new stuff is being presented by a completely new wave of designers who are not only creatives, but makers, producers, entrepreneurs, distributers, representatives and gallerists. One of them is new Swiss design superstar Tom Strala. Tom has run his own gallery since 2002 in Zürich's well-known Seefeld, and is known as design pioneer challenging the established values and generating new ones. His works are pieces of art you can settle in.

"If I just think back about 20 years, I am sure to find designers and producers that persuade an own clear idea and ideology," said Strala. "With their design they wanted to shape the world and share their joy about their discoveries with the people. Today many designers and producers demand from their works an abundance of complex criteria. People have to start dreaming again. Art does not need any complex problem solving. We need passion. We need desire. No well-tempered 'everything and nothing'. No new update of our operation system. We need intensity and this can not be found in a compromise. It is a radical consequence that today I am a designer, maker, entrepreneur and promoter," concluded Strala.

Studio Drift

One of eight key studios who epitomise the new concept of Designers – Makers – Entrepreneurs is Studio Drift. The studio was founded by Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn, both graduates of the world famous Design Academy Eindhoven. Their goal is to create a dialogue between nature and technology, creating a new synergy. "We want to encourage people to see things that they no longer notice; to reach a kind of unconscious recognition that everyone instinctively feels and understands, yet have lost the time for. In Milan we'll present Nola, together with Buhtiq31. Nola is a landscape of light captured in glass bells. By combining pastel tinted glass with programmable red, green, blue and white LEDs, Studio Drift establishes a unique colour palette for the new Dutch design label Buhtiq 31," said Ralph Nauta. 

Luscious Food Cravings by Studio Appétit and Studio Lenneke Wispelwey. Photography by Masha Bakker

Leading creative minds of the 21st century are today creating a Brand New World in design, that only a few of the best of the established design brands, the usual innovation powerhouses, can match. One of the uncharted territories of new design is the creative playing field of gustative and olfactory sensations. At Brand New World, visitors will enjoy the rarefied opportunity to taste delicious works designed by Studio Appétit, a multidisciplinary experience design studio, specializing in eating design and culinary oriented projects, led by designer and chef Ido Garini.

"Eating (and sex) are the only actions we do that stimulate all our senses simultaneously. This is why it is so interesting and relevant to design eating experiences. Exploring and investigating the triggers, notions and reactions the food culture, nutrition and the act of eating brings in us. The best recognition for me is actually when people experience my projects and feel something new. The studio has made it in the past years into a few '10 best in the world' lists in the field of food and design. We are always happy to hear that we are leading and inspiring in what we do," said Ido Garini.

Reinier Bosch and Carolina Wilcke

Designers and Curators

International designers selected for Brand New World – powered by Laufen – include also Adrien Rovero from Switzerland, Buro Belen, Reinier Bosch and Cristina Wilcke from Holland, and Ilan Garibi for Cal Goan collection from Israel. Dante – Goods And Bads was founded in 2012 by artist Aylin Langreuter and industrial designer Christophe de la Fontaine, and here is what they say about their Brand New World approach: "The design of every product ever made has always been shaped by the most prominent need of the society that created it. More often than not, it was the search for the practical, for maximal usability. Dante – Goods And Bads, however, senses another desire: Warmth. Content. So our filter is this: create a connection. Create material objects that are not merely things, but favorites. Talismans. Everyday products that are not a priori practical, useful, efficient but rather: emotional. So they can have unlikely material attributes like humor, vanity, passion. Comfort, even."

Lenneke Langenhuijsen and Brecht Duijf

Brand New World's curator, Jovan Jelovac, said: "We are very excited to recreate the idea of a classical author's salon at Dušan's so fashionable showroom, with works and the spirit matching his own terribly high couture propositions. After all, the name is Saloni, not another Design Week, and the city is none less than Milano, so we are speaking of rarefied class, deeply rooted in both cutting edge avant-garde, as well as laser sharp craftsmanship. The location is smack in the middle of town, in one of the legendary Gio Ponti buildings, on the border of Brera and the new up- and coming San Gregorio area."

Bartok Table by Tom Strala

Vesna and Jovan Jelovac, starting in 2005 as Belgrade Design Week, now create platforms and frameworks all over the world under the Brand New World mark: Milan, London, Miami, Ibiza, Basel, Paris, Istanbul, and Moscow, with a fresh permanent design gallery in Zürich, Switzerland. All projects are produced in partnership with local experts – leaders in design promotion and presentation, as well as Leading Creative Minds of the 21st Century. BNW has so far worked with over 500 leading global design and creative industries' opinion makers and brands in its 10 years history.

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